Sunday, February 13, 2011

2-8-11 Professional Birthday Celebrators

Lately, we're partiers just waiting for a birthday! Today we celebrated my mom's birthday. The boys are always excited about a trip to Grandma's (I heard Conrad tell Joe we were going on vacation to Grandma's), but even more exciting when the event requires making a present, wrapping it, and knowing there will be cake. The boys created this year's present and their artwork includes their hand prints. From the hand prints, it's hard to prove that Max and Caden each only have five fingers per hand. . . ahhh, that makes them even more sweet.

I wish there was a way to capture how happy the boys were to be making something special for Grandma and to note how much pride they took in picking which colors to use and how to apply them. Conrad commented that Grandma will like the picture so much that she will just yell for Pa.

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