Sunday, February 13, 2011

2-13-11 Get Better Max

Max is sick today. He has been puking every hour since 5:30 last night. Actually it's slowed down this morning, but he's begging for water. He can't even keep down sips of water or Pedialite. He hasn't smiled since yesterday and that is hard to watch. He seems to get the stomach bug frequently, but this time is the most intense and to not be able to give him water or milk when he cries for it breaks my heart. Right now he's snuggled up in my bed fast asleep.

Throughout the night I was thinking about moms around the world who have children crying out for milk or water and they don't have it to give to them. I thought about the moms who have sick children that aren't going to get better. I was asking God to heal Max and let him get some rest and thanking God that Max is overall healthy. Thanking God that I have clean water for him and the money to buy milk for him. Thanking God that in a matter of days this will only be a blip on our radar.

I added a pic from August. One where you can see Max's personality when he's healthy. His eyes shout, "Hi guys! Come get me!".

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