Friday, February 4, 2011

2-3-11 Let's Go Camping!

What do you do with three boys when the wind chill factor outside drops below zero? You go camping in your living room! What was meant to be one days special activity has provided fun for the entire week. The boys' pup tent has been the venue for story time, flashlight fun, trail mix snack time, and even nap time one day for Conrad. Today it served as a wrestling ring until I intervened. . . Everybody knows what goes hand in hand with camping - s'mores! We microwaved the marshmallows; earlier this week Joe built a fire in the fireplace and the boys called it their campfire. Caden even belly crawled into the tent today. When the boys were violently shaking the tent, Caden was laughing like crazy. Max is buying into the camping experience 100%; he has been warning us about the bears in the living room. His expression and voice tone are very convincing. We run and hide from the bears on a regular basis.

One of the beautiful things about the boys being so young is that we can make such simple things into so much fun. Conrad has been aching for spring to come, but he was so excited to see the big snow drifts this week that recanted his prayer to God requesting spring to come sooner. I wish I could have recorded his excited prayer!

Joe bundled up the big boys and took them out to play in the snow. They're good buddies and I'm glad they have each other!

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