Monday, October 14, 2013

10-13-13 Riding the Mississippi

10-13-13 Conrad and Mom's Overnight Bike Trip

This all start with an off the cuff remark I made about how fun it would be to do an overnight bike trip. Here's what happens when Conrad hears such a remark.  He latches on to it.  Asks for details about it.  Pursues you to make it happen.  And I liked the idea of making it happen, which means I fed into his pursuit.  We made packing lists, set biking goals, talked about what the trip would be like. . . Meanwhile time (i.e., good weather) was passing by.  With the chill of the fall, I knew it was now or never.  With a feeling of this being last minute, we booked a room and loaded up our bikes.  Here we are ready for take off!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6-22-13 Gone Fishin'

One of many fishing expeditions.  Today's catch was a record setter - longer than a ruler!
This picture is a little boy who works so hard to be like his Daddy and wants nothing more than to make his Daddy proud.  

6-21-13 What Caught His Eye?

Not sure exactly what made Caden pause to just enjoy the moment, but he seized the opportunity!  I can only imagine the questions swarming around in his head.  He notes so many little things about life and then asks about them.  Sometimes he answers too :)

6-20-13 Exploring

Sometimes it's nice to have a day to just explore.  Max loves to be surrounded by nature, particularly if he's with a good friend.  And everybody knows that cousins make really good friends!