Friday, December 3, 2010

12-3-10 Conrad on Faith

Conrad on faith. . .

I overheard him say that he wishes he could walk on water, but only Jesus can do that.

After talking about Dorcas being raised from the dead, Conrad was talking about how Jesus and Nonno were the only other ones raised from the dead.

12-1-10 State of Affairs

The boys are just blossoming in many areas. Conrad's developed a definite interest in letters and combining them into words. Max's vocabulary has exploded to way too many words to count and he uses them in sentences. Caden is sitting up (started about a month ago), reaching for me, and asserting himself in conversation and activities.

It's a very busy time at our house, but it's amazing too. The boys are just changing so much and becoming able to do so much. Max's first molar recently cut through and the other three are starting to cut through. Conrad wrote his name for the first time and I almost cried. Caden will still snuggle his face into my neck and if he's REALLY tired, he'll fall asleep while I'm holding him. I have to hold onto these fleeting baby moments. But the big boy moments are awesome too.

I laugh when Conrad pretends to be a robot and moves like he has hinges and when Max stands at the toilet holding up his shirt so he can pee. I can't imagine ever forgetting these moments, but there are so many of them!!!

I may have a biter on my hands. It's hard to tell if Max is an official biter or not because so far he has only bitten his brothers. I think the offender has to strike at least one non-sibling to be officially declared a biter. It brings up some unusual discussions at our house. I usually try to see if Conrad may have been an instigator in the situation and the other day when I asked Conrad if he did anything to Max before he bit him, he told me, "No, Honest I didn't do anything. Ask God. He knows everything."