Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm so glad that Max still has all of his teeth! Tonight he took a header right into side of the open back door. It sounded bad when he hit and I held my breath during the two-second delay before he started crying. Within 20 more seconds, there was a little bit of blood coming from the inside of his lower lip. I scooped him up while holding Caden crying in my other arm.

Max has been trying out saying my name, Emily. It's the sweetest little experiment sound as his works to create each syllable. Tonight, he clearly assigned the name Emily to his stuffed bunny. I think I blushed.

Monday, October 25, 2010

10-25-10 Count your many blessings

The most wonderful blessings in my life have names. Sometimesit hits me like a ton of bricks how much God has blessed us with being able to have three children, that they're pretty healthy, and developing like they should.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

10-9-10 God Questions

Whenever an ambulance drives by we pray for the person that is hurt or sick. Sometimes Conrad prays and sometimes I do. Max always chimes in with the "Amen". Tonight, it was my turn. After the prayer, Conrad asked me to ask God who was hurt.

I wish it worked like that. That whenever we had a question for God, we could just ask it and he would send the answer right down. Write it in the clouds maybe, but a verbal answer would be nice too.

Con also asked why there are three different languages. I like to think that this question stemmed from us recently reading the Tower of Babel story in the Bible, but I think I have to give credit to Dora the Explorer. Luckily, the Tower of Babel provided the answer.

These are hard questions to answer to a three-year-old. The other day we did a little science experiment to demonstrate God, us, and sin. It's a mind bender to accurately explain sin to a preschooler.

It's MUCH different having ongoing conversations with your own child about these topics that it is to teach a preschool Sunday School class with other people's children.