Thursday, February 3, 2011

2-1-11 Blizzard 2011

I don't follow the weather channel -- at all. Monday night I started getting emails with people asking if I had heard about the storm that was coming. Of course, I hadn't. I don't get anxious about the weather. Seems like it's never as extreme as they predict. I read a couple of scary predictions and figured we'd be okay. Until this morning when the snow started falling and the wind picked up. I loaded up the boys and we went and stocked up on library books, milk, water and formula. I pulled out two mega flashlights, candles, and matches. They got me, I started to fear the storm. Well, not fear it, but definitely wanted to be prepared for it. I read Conrad the two books about blizzards we had checked out. I had to edit as I read -- that stuff was SCARY!! Whiteouts, frostbite, how would I ever keep my husband from venturing out into it???

I started taking pictures.

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