Sunday, January 1, 2012

1-1-12 Bring on Another Year

Cheers to a Happy New Year! This morning we toasted to the new year and poppers popped and decorated our kitchen with streamers. Yes, we did this approximately eight hours after the rest of the country. It's hard for an active household to maintain a high level of energy all the way to midnight. Afterall, that is 18 hours after waking from the night before.

My brother and his family were here to celebrate with us, that brought our household to five kids five and under. When the kids' bedtime rolled around, a couple of parents dozed off too. I put my dessert in the oven at 9 and there was nobody around. Then Conrad appeared and asked if he could stay up for a while. In a very uncharacteristic of me moment, I said "yes". We snuggled up on my cozy chair and waited for the ball to drop on the Dick Clark special. In the meantime, we got out two crystal goblets and the sparkling grape juice and started our toasts. My favorite one was when Conrad toasted to our family being safe in the new year. It was a very sweet moment. Adults did resurface throughout the night and Conrad fell asleep before the clock struck 12. It was a nice way to end 2011.

Conrad, Max, and I have had many time-related conversations over the last week. They've mostly been spurred on by Max trying to figure out when Christmas will come again and Conrad trying to figure out how long it will take for him to turn 6. How can I clue them into how much they will change in the next 365 days? And I certainly can't guarantee what will or what won't happen within those same days. It leaves me with the realization that the beginning of the new year is just the start of another chapter in this adventure we're on.

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