Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1-2-12 Christmas Take Down

The great Cheristmas decoration take down has begun. Here's a picture of my favorite Christmas decoration this year. This is the little tree that is decorated in Caden's room. It creates a very peaceful glow that makes Caden's room feel relaxing. When I turn it off at night, he often points to it and says "on". One night he pointed to it and said, "ho, ho, ho". That has been his comment to many things related to Christmas. Just like Caden started saying words one right after the other, he is stringing sentences just as quickly. Tonight's big sentence was, "I want a juice box." Read it without annunciating to get an idea of what is sounds like. i have had candles burning a lot this season. At first it was because I enjoyed the aroma. Now, it's because Caden begs, "Cand-o on". He's obsessed. I had to put our flame-fire-starter-thing on a high shelf because he started getting it out and bringing it to me insisting that I light the candle. I haven't picked out a Christmas ornament for him for this year yet (Yes, I know the date. I also know that I'm going to find ornaments for 75% off). I was going to get him a Lion King ornament because he LOVES that movie, but a candle ornament would be fitting too. Or a binky ornament. . .

Since this is only Caden's second Christmas, he only has a few ornaments on his tree; so the tree is mostly adorned by crocheted snowflakes that were made by my maternal grandmother. She passed away eight years ago and I still have times where I want to call her; mostly to talk about something "mommy-related". She loved being a mommy. She told me once that it was her greatest joy in life; especially because the doctors had told her that she wouldn't be able to have kids. It was beautiful the way she phrased it. She was a content woman and didn't yearn for anything that she didn't have. It may sound like she lived a life of privilege, but that wasn't the case in material regards. But she wasn't much concerned with things of a material nature. When I was in college she told me that as adults her children had given her everything she wanted. And that she was careful about saying things that she would like to do because she knew they would make it happen. She referenced a road trip across the country that she made with three of her five children. The destination was one of her granddaughters high school graduations.

Caden's little Christmas tree has more special meaning because it is the one that Joe's maternal grandmother decorated every year. There's also a small ornament on it that is a picture of Joe and his grandma in a small crocheted frame. It looks like Joe was about Caden's age when the picture was taken. Joe's grandma passed away about six weeks before my grandma passed. it was a sad Christmas throughout the season we watched both grandmas deteriorate with very different conditions. Now when I think about both of our grandmas at Christmas, it's not about the Christmas when we lost them. It's about all the Christmas's before that when we had them.

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