Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1-4-11 Missions Accomplished

My good friend also has three boys with the oldest turning four this month. We compare a lot of mommy stories, ask each other a lot of questions, and bounce a lot of ideas off of each other! Once she told me that we she and her boys have a list of errands to run, they don't refer to them as errands. They call the missions. That is so much more exciting, isn't it? Today our missions were to go to the bank, get Conrad's haircut, and then have a play date lunch at McDonald's. We accomplished all three and managed to all stay cheerful. I won't include the number of suckers that my boys ate at the haircut place, but that really helped keep us all cheerful.

I have been cutting the boys' hair myself for the last year, but I decided to take them to a professional this time. They do much better job, but Conrad said he really only likes it when I cut his hair.

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