Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1-18-11 For a Quiet Night at Home, it's Pretty Noisy Around Here Here

It amazes me how quickly the boys can go from a mile a minute activity to sleep. When Conrad was about 1-1/2, I started doing a bedtime routine that began with quiet play time in his room with the lights dimmed. Now, when I attempt it with the three, it doesn't matter what I set out to have us do - they are wound up the hour before bedtime. I always think that there's no way they'll go to sleep right away, but they usually do. Tonight's bedtime routine went extremely smoothly. So, now it's quiet.

Caden cut his first tooth during the first week of the month. I could tell that he was uncomfortable, but he did pretty well. He has been getting up on all-fours and he has perfected the army crawl, but now that he can get around that way he doesn't seem worried about crawling with his belly off of the ground! This week he is also transitioning to the bottle. Big month for Caders!!

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