Sunday, January 30, 2011

1-30-11 Last Sunday Night

Last night I was getting ready for church and trying to look a little bid nicer than I usually do so I decided to break open a new combo pack of eye shadow that I had purchased. It was a bold step away from the neutral browns that I usually pick. It was blue. Yes, blue eye shadow which I was proud to not have worn since jr. high. I took the bold step a step further and followed the steps on the back for "smoky eyes". At the end of the application I was searching for my camera because it was so funny! I couldn't find it (today I'm glad about that!). I used Q-tips to remove some color, "blended" as much as possible and when my husband answered in the affirmative when I asked if it looked like I had an eye shadow mishap I went back to the mirror and topped the mess with the lightest shade in the pack. I'm just not the kind of person that can do such experiments right before I wash my face. What if it works out well? Then, I've just wasted time and make-up. Next time I'll save my make-up experiments for when I'm going to be hanging out with friends.

I make it sound like I just hang out with my friends all the time. And I do, if you count play dates. But last Sunday night was "just hanging out" with my friends. Some of my girlfriends planned a post-kiddo-bedtime girls night out to celebrate my birthday. I looked forward to it all week, especially since I couldn't make it to the first celebration that they planned! It had been a long week since Joe was out-of-town. My mom was visiting us for the weekend and was happy to babysit, so while my girlfriends all tucked their little ones in for the night before heading out, I left the house while all three of mine were awake and one was recovering from a vomiting/diarrhea episode (yep, that was Max - the one who catches every stomach bug that comes by. I knew they were in good hands, second best to me.

We talked, ate fancy desserts, laughed, and I think we learned a little bit more about each other. When it felt awkward to stay at the restaurant any longer past closing time, we left and sat in one mini-van still talking away. While celebrating growing another year older, I felt young again.

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