Saturday, January 22, 2011

1-21-11 Where's the Pause Button?

It's hard to believe how quickly infants change and develop. Caden is totally mobile now and keeps looking like he's about to take off crawling. . . the wood floors are not helping his efforts. He gets around really well doing the belly crawl and picking up choking hazards has become a bit of a hobby for me. I've been using them to make "I Spy" bottles (water bottle, sand, and a list of the items that are in the bottle). With the cap glue-gunned shut, this should keep the items out of Max's mouth too. We'll see. Caden's cutting his second tooth and he is officially weaned from nursing (yes, there is a connection!). It was bittersweet for it to come to a complete it. Bitter because it's yet another indication that my baby is only getting bigger. Sweet because I've been nursing or pregnant for two and a half years. YEARS. STRAIGHT. This doesn't need any further explanation.

All three boys are doing things that make me realize how big they're getting.

Max went down for his nap today without a bottle. Please, don't stop reading and scrolling down to older post to remind yourself how old Mas is! I know, this step was a long-time in coming, but cut the kid (and Mommy) some slack-- we brought home a new baby brother for him at the time he should have been giving up his bottle. Not a fair trade! Anyway, it's a little premature to say his transitioned off of the bottle, but he did it this once. I'm feeling inspired to start potty training. No, I have to slow down!!

Conrad's play time is changing; he plays more like a big kid. His favorite games are Detective and Treasure Hunt. He uses a magnifying glass and a very active imagination to play Detective and a treasure chest full of coins and a map of our living room to play Treasure Hunt. Today he has said things like, "You will believe in me, right Mom?", "Dad proved it to me.", and "Ask God, he knows everything."

I wish I could pause time. Dwell in these days a little longer. Keep things in the right perspective and just enjoy this stage of motherhood. I only am truly able to keep the right perspective when I realize about how short this stage it.

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