Saturday, January 22, 2011

1-22-11 How Many Candles are on that Cake?

Today was a really good day. I always enjoy my birthday; my friends and family always seem to make it extra special. I don't even think about how old I'm getting!

First thing this morning, Conrad wanted to give me my present. He hid it in his desk downstairs so I wouldn't find it. I opened it and found a hot pink alarm clock. The little sweetheart told his dad exactly what I wanted and then picked it out himself. A few weeks ago when we were at Target, I had said that I wanted an alarm clock. he remembered and then told Joe they needed to go to Target to get it. He kept the secret until today. It touched my heart!

We went out for Chinese for dinner. I always have egg rolls on my birthday. It's a tradition from when I was a kid, my mom always made us our choice for dinner on our birthdays. I always picked her egg rolls and I always took no bake cookies to school for a birthday treat. This year my mom and my boys made me a cake. It was beautiful and delicious. So delicious that Max couldn't help himself from taking bites right off the top of the cake!

The boys were totally wound up tonight. . . pretty sure that the tea at the restaurant wasn't decaf. They were pretty funny - lots of laughter around here!

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