Thursday, January 20, 2011

1-20-11 The Office at Home

Why do they have to create box sets of sitcoms? They turn me into a complete addict! My sitcom of choice right now is The Office. I take a step out of my world filled with primarily kind people who at least act with tact in social situations and let my mind wander into the world of Dunder Mifflin employees. It's a harmless little trip. The weekly one hour isn't enough, though. Enter seasons 1-6 on DVD. My four-year-old knows the names of the characters and my one-year-old (almost two-year-old!!) lights up and dances to the opening music. My Friends have been replaced!

Tonight, my boys heard me say that I was going to watch The Office before I went to bed. Max didn't seem to notice. Conrad went into a passionate plea about why he should be able to stay up a little bit watch with me. He settled for a bedtime story and us each choosing an office name. Conrad's Michael, I'm Pam, and Max is Jim. It made us giggle, then I giggled even more when Conrad insisted that we refer to each other with our names - every time we addressed each other!

We made it through bedtime prayers and then I told them a Pam Diann story. As I was tucking them in, Caden began to cry. I left their door open and went into rock Caden. As usual, Max was talking and singing as he lay in his crib. As usual, Conrad was aggravated by this. Out of frustration Conrad said, "Be quiet, Jim!" and Max parroted it back to him. Conrad replied in laughter, "No, you're Jim!" and Max joined in laughing. It lasted for a while and I couldn't help but do a silent belly laugh myself.

Caden was drifting back to sleep in my arms so I decided to just stay in the rocker for a while and absorb the moment.

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