Thursday, June 2, 2011

5-28-11 A Princess is Born!

I think I mentioned that my niece was born on Wednesday. She is grandchild #5 on my side of the family and granddaughter #1. Our family has a trend of only one girl per generation. If it holds true, Lilliana will reign over this generation.

It filled my heart with joy to hold her for the first time. When Conrad held her, he commented how squishy she was and said, "I just love her, Mommy." He fell in love almost as quickly as I did. He likes her name too; even though, he suggested she be named Caitlyn.

Caden and Max haven't met her yet. They're a little bit too young, energetic and curious to go into a hospital room. Hamilton is filling the role of big brother quite well His job was to keep FOUR grandparents busy while Mommy and Daddy kept Lilliana company in the hospital. We were lucky to get to go to the Children's Museum with Hamilton and then we all shared a boatload of nuggets, fries, apples, grapes, cheesesticks. . . Four little boys packed away A LOT of food! Cousin times are good times!

Before we left town, I made my third visit to the hospital to hold Lilliana again. I didn't want to give her back. I felt a forgotten feeling deep inside of not wanting to leave. It was an old feeling, a stange cross between a knot in your throat and a stomachache, I used to get when I was a kid when it was time to leave my grandparents house.

We'll be back again soon. Until then, I have an envelope ready to send out -- more hair accessories. I found a new dealer. . .

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