Sunday, June 26, 2011

6-25-11 More Pictures (maybe)

So, in my last post I had planned on including a ton of pics, but my server did not want to cooperate. I am going to attempt to add more pictures today. . . so many great moments that I want to include. Even more that I can't capture on film. . . even a few more that fade into my memory!

There are a few things about today that I don't want to rely on my memory in order to be able to conjure up these moments in my heart. Caden belly laughing when I put his sock on my head and acted like I had no idea where it was, Max laughing so hard he probably peed his pants (i.e., diaper) when I blew a huge bubble and it popped all over my face, and Conrad coming up to me and telling me that I filled his heart with joy.

To be fair, I could devote a future post to things that happen in my day that I am okay with forgetting forever.

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