Thursday, June 2, 2011

6-6-11 100 Books

Clap Your Hands is a must add to all toddler and preschool libraries. All four of us have been having fun with this one!! The three boys interact with the book differently and show where they're at developmentally. As the narrator, I have the perfect view of them doing each action in the book. Caden likes to put his fingers on my mouth while I read and he watches his brothers act out what's being said.

We started a 100 jar on the first of the month. Every time we read a book, we put a penny in the jar. Conrad and I each put a mark on the jar showing how full we think it will be when it has 100 pennies in it. We plan to use the proceeds toward ice cream! I was thinking we would work to get to 100 by the end of August, but it's only Day 6 of summer and I think we'll have the jar full by the end of the month.

We've been pulling some of our neglected books off the shelf and enjoying some new ones from the library. I love reading with the boys. They know my favorite place to read is in my big chair, we all fit and snuggle up under a blanket. Caden loses interest first, but he can't stand to not be where the action is, so he still stays on the chair. We laughed in parts of Skippyjonjones and Flat Stanley always gets some laughs, but I'm looking for more funny reads. . . please send suggestions!

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