Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7-3-11 Light Table

A couple of weeks ago I got caught up in a frenzy of DIY light tables for preschoolers. Most of the DIY projects that I find require my husband to do most of the "Do" in DIY! But when I saw how to make a light table that I could definitely do myself, I packed up the boys in the car and we went and got the materials.

I bought a clear tote, white spray paint, silver spray paint, and a under the counter-mount fluorescent light. This little Sunday morning project has provided lots of fun for the boys.

We've used it to explore color with color wands (I recently hit the jackpot at the garage sale of a retiring kindergarten teacher! The color wands were $3 for about 15 of them.). We also had some fun with some used up glow band. After they lose their ability to glow, they can be "re-ignited" on the light table. The tote is easy to store and so far, I just put it on our dining room table for the boys to use. I'm glad I got the bigger tote so they both have plenty of room to work.

It's fun to watch Conrad explore new colors and shades that he doesn't otherwise pay much attention to. He's been using the word "overlap" on different occasions ever since we started using the color wands. Max is still exploring primary colors and we ended up using the wands for patterning and used the glow bands to make a caterpillar.

The internet is full of great ideas of how to use light tables (colored binder divider pages, ziploc bags of colored water, painting, sand, I think I saw shaving cream. . . Eventually, I want to get my hands on some X-rays. . . And the magnetic geometic shapes made for light tables. . .

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