Thursday, July 28, 2011

7-16-11 Road Trip

There is nothing like reconnecting with old friends. I mean the friends that go WAY back. Today the boys and I loaded up the car and took a road trip to meet up with one of my friends, Tara, and her two little girls. Tara and I became friends 17 years ago. I think we formed some sort of instant bond the moment we met because I don’t remember knowing her and not being close friends.
Since distance separates us, we’ve never had a chance for our kids to have a play date. It was a makeshift play date. We met in a mall where the kids could play in the play area, ride the quarter operated toys, and visit the puppies in the little puppy shop. After a little bit of play time, we all enjoyed lunch at Maid Rite. The five under fives livened up the restaurant quite a bit! Tara and I snuck in conversation between doling out goldfish, diaper changes, and corralling kids in the play land—you know, the mommy stuff. It was well worth the energy exerted to get to hang out together! Who knows, next time maybe our kids will even engage in conversation too!!

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