Thursday, July 28, 2011

7-21-11 Moments of Independence

The other night we were at the water park and the boys’ “inner fish” showed through full force! In the zero depth pool, Caden could sit in the water right next to the 18” fountains and just giggle his little heart out each time he put his face right into the water. Conrad and Max wasted no time in finding the kiddie waterslide and flying down. Max had a way of jumping down more than sliding. One time on the kiddie slide was enough for Conrad and he was ready for the big waterslides. Luckily, so was Pa. They both came back beaming! Conrad asked me to go with him and I realized that I hadn’t been down a waterslide for about 7 years. I still love them!!
Max and Conrad were ready to do some jumping into the water and it took some work, but I talked Conrad into taking off his lifejacket. After all, he reminded me that, “you can never be too safe”. What seemed like out of nowhere, Conrad took off swimming with his face in the water. I may have been more excited than he was! Max got caught up in the moment and showed us that he could swim too. Without a moment of hesitation, he put his face right in the water (mouth wide open).
We’ve had lots of water fun this summer and the good times just keep getting better.

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