Saturday, July 16, 2011

7-12-11 Get in Shape, Girl! Oh What A Feeling. . .

Remember the catchy tune in the commercial for Get In Shape Girl? It was very popular in the '80s. Was the aim to make young girls want to get healthy or was it the belief that it's never too early for girls to become self-conscious about their bodies???

Another perk to having boys - no need to dive to deep into answering that question!

Today I broke out the Jillian Michael's DVD and resumed my quest to work out regularly. I was trying to get up early and do it before the boys were awake. This was effective until they started waking during the workout - sometimes I think they can sense my movement and it wakes them up. Anyway, then the work out doesn't get finished (part of me is relieved when I get to quit early!). So, I decided to make another attempt at working out with my children. In the past it has not gone well when doing exercises that include my step. . . the 18" step lures them and it creates too many opportunities for them to be where I need to step. However, Jillian Michael's is kid-friendly and Conrad and Max worked out right along with me. It was fun!

Conrad's goal for working out is to gain weight. He actually went and weighed himself sporadically throughout the workout and proclaimed that he is heavier. We have opposite work out goals; it makes my heart giggle.

While working out with Max, I couldn't resist the urge to shout, "Parquor!" because that's what his moves resembled. My workout buddies made me smile and laugh more than I ever have during a workout! It's also only a 25 minute routine which makes it doable and I know it got the boys heart rate up and us talking about keeping our bodies healthy.

In my mind I can picture and hear Max saying, "I strong, huh?" The last time I did sit ups with Caden, he thought I was offering airplane rides. I liked his way of thinking and he just squealed with delight as he went "flying" through the air.

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