Monday, October 8, 2012

10-7-12 Apple Season!

We went to the apple orchard a few weeks ago and many apple activities usually follow that, but this year we made our first apple pie.  Easiest baking I've ever done (code for: refrigerated crust).  The reason I've never made an apple pie is either one of two things.  The first option is that I don't really like apple pie.  The second option is that I have a recipe for caramel apple crisp that jumps out of my recipe box every time I slice apples.

Conrad has been asking to bake an apple pie, so I went to my Better Homes and Garden cookbook and the recipe only called for about five ingredients.  The apple washing and slicing began!  Conrad gave instructions and Max and Caden were part of the assembly line.  Max did not like the taste of the Granny Smith apples, but Caden and Conrad nibbled pieces of the peeled skin.

I cut out hearts in the top crust and soon the house was filled with the smell of a fresh baked apple pie.

It made a lovely fall dessert.  Unless you ask Max and Caden.  They took one bite and went back to playing trains.   I'm going to include my picture of our first pie.  It really does make me appreciate the talent of people who take good pictures of food.

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