Saturday, October 20, 2012

10-18-12 Caden's Consistent Request

Caden's favorite Blanket, or "B", is his elephant one that Max picked out for him before he was born.  However, I think his true favorite is his Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag.  It's just too cumbersome to carry around, although this doesn't always stop him from trying!  He has it in his crib right now and every night he says,"Will you snake me in?".  This is his request for me to tuck him into his sleeping bag and pull it over his head.  It makes me smile every nap time and bedtime.

By morning, Caden's sleeping bag weighs about five pounds because throughout the night he pushes all the stuffed animals, books, and water cups to the bottom of the bag.  Always fun to root through it when he's asking for his "Baby".

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