Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10-2-12 A Quick Check In

The cool crisp air of fall has set in and now I'm just reflecting on the heat of summer and its warm memories.  Looking back, I have pictures of a lot of fun times.  You don't take pictures of the hard times, but of course they're there and they leave their mark in ways other than on film.  They leave their mark right on you.  Looking back on the pictures of summer makes me smile because we made it through some tough times and thoroughly enjoyed the good times!

In the spring, I made a list of 100 Days of Summer Fun.  We did a pretty good job of fitting in all 100.  I will say that it's a good thing we got a jump start on our list because I didn't consider how exhausting it would be to have that much fun ;-)  Plus, some things were so much fun that they warranted more that  just one day.

As usual, when I fall behind on my blog, I regret having not commented on what we've done with our days.  But, I regret more not noting how the boys are changing.  The things they are saying.  What's funny to them.  What concerns them.  But today, today Caden thinks anything having to do with poop is hilarious.  Max dresses up as a knight and is my valiant protector.  Conrad is deeply concerned when classmates turn to yellow card, really bothered on the rare occasion that someone turns to red.

All three boys have way more energy than I've ever had and they can go from zero to rambunctious in a millisecond.  They are hugging each other one moment and I turn around and it's WWF.  Overall, they are good buddies and prefer to be with each other more than anyone else in this world.  Usually.

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