Saturday, February 18, 2012

2-14-12 Valentine's Day

The boys and I did a photo shoot to prep for this year's valentines and they turned out super cute!

Joe and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Monday night. Let's be honest. It's pretty hard to find a sitter on the actual holiday; it's the same thing that happens on New Year's Eve. On Tuesday, it was all kid fun and cupid's arrows. I made each of the boys "cupid's arrows" with pretzel sticks and gummy hearts and set them with their valentine's cards at the breakfast table. The boys snuck downstairs and put their valentines for Joe on his desk. When Conrad noticed that I had one for him, he was really touched. He thought it was the sweetest thing. Then I had to explain what a cupid was. We spent the day talking about love and hearts. Conrad cut out some hearts with scripture verses on them and we talked about how much God loves us.

For lunch, we made heart shaped pizzas. The boys used to love pepperoni pizza, but Conrad recently started insisted on only cheese pizza. Max says he only likes cheese pizza, but he's excited when I give him pepperoni. We always add black olives to our pizza. It was fun to make pizzas together; we should do it more often. I like that we have a day in the year where we just celebrate love and eat heart shaped candies with two word messages on them.

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