Sunday, September 19, 2010

9-17-10 Trial Run

Today we did a trial run to the zoo. Just me and the boys -- no friends for a play date. I was curious how it would go with all three boys and didn't really want witnesses if it didn't go well. My trio of boys surprised me. It was no problem at all. We went specifically to go to the petting zoo section. It was cool to see Conrad and Max's reactions to the chickens and goats. Conrad is fascinated by the whole concept of "laying eggs" and he enjoyed the responsibility of brushing the goats. Max was more stand-offish with the goats and we couldn't go into the pen with the stroller anyway. Max was more into making animal sounds with each animal that we saw.

Caden, well, he's just happy to stroll along as long as he's included at lunchtime! We had geese and a squirrel try to join us for lunch. Here's a tip: Don't throw a pretzel to the geese as you sit down to eat your lunch. The geese were not apprehensive about coming right up to the kids at all. I told Conrad that if he got scared because they were so close, just yell and they'll go away. This worked and Max though it looked like fun. It was a noisy lunch.

It got really noisy when a squirrel got too close for Max's comfort. The squirrel is more used to toddlers than Max is to squirrels. Max squirmed and then got upset. I had to shew the little animal away. I must have looked like Wonder Woman to Max. I probably looked like psycho mom a few minutes later when I had to run after Max who had decided to climb the play equipment that he was way too little for! I climbed down from the jungle gym with a baby on each hip. The big one was protesting with his entire body.

Aside from that incident, the day was glorious. Conrad even learned to spell the word zoo. We left the zoo with everybody smiling and the car lulled them to sleep. We'll be going back again soon.

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