Saturday, April 14, 2012

4-14-12 Two Candles on the Cake

Finally, Caden got his turn to blow out the candles on the cake when people sang to him. Up until very recently Caden requested that I sing Happy Birthday to him as part of his bedtime routine. His face would light up every night and he would even "blow out" the candles with his pacifier in his mouth. It made me laugh every night. Caden begs for us to light candles every day. He is fascinated by fire. He notices it in every book. For example, it's his favorite part of
When Grandma asked him what he wanted for his birthday, his answer was "Fire". Conrad loaded up our chimnea with sticks so he could give Caden fire for his birthday.

Caden ate up the extra birthday attention. He found the balloons in his room very exciting this morning and was grinning ear to ear when we brought him his birthday cake. He opened his presents without help and started jamming on his trumpet. Then, he got right to work on his fractions puzzle and did pretty well. He's getting big FAST. The only baby things left about him are that he wears diapers and takes a binky, or as he calls it "gink".

Last month, Caden was having a hard time falling asleep at bedtime so I rocked him a lot. One night he actually fell asleep while I was holding him. Your baby is always your baby when you're rocking him, but I knew right then that those days are numbered. Looking back over the last year, Max has only fallen asleep once in my arms and Conrad, well, zero for the year. So, I sat and held Caden a little longer and fell asleep myself.

Caden's a good snuggler andI love how he cranes his neck like a bird to get his face closer to mine when he wants a kiss. Caden is very sweet and loving, but I think the best word to describe his personality is joyful. Caden laughs a lot and laughs hard. Whatever it takes to make his brothers laugh, he will do. Repeatedly. If Conrad are laughing at something mischievous that Caden is doing, it's as if Caden cannot hear me telling him to stop. This scene is common at the dinner table (i.e., Caden's stage).

Somehow his joyful spirit is also very insistent. This little guy is passionate about getting his way on some things. Conrad and Max will end up giving him the toy they are playing with when he yells for it just because they want him to be quiet. i admit, sometimes I give in too.

Caden loves his "Bible book" and his favorite book is by Jan Brett. We were reading it every night for a while, but know he insists on reading bedtime stories and saying prayers with his big brothers. He loves to be with his big brothers all the time. When we play outside he likes to swing, but he loves for Conrad to pull him around in his jeep trailer.

I can't pick out Caden's favorite food (maybe pasta?). He's a very good eater. He loves his milk too. He really likes the fruit and vegetable puree pouches (I always have one handy when we're out on adventures). He calls them his juice boxes. Pretty much everywhere we go, Caden looks for Grandma. He asks to go to Grandma's house on a daily basis and asks to call Pa.

I never know when Caden will break into song featuring his favorite song - the theme from The other day he pointed out a digger while we were driving and for some reason it surprised me. I just lost track of the things he was picking up on.

But, really, what doesn't he pick up? He always reminds us/demands that we close the garage door and notices garage doors everywhere. He insists on "peeing like Max" and will stand naked in front of the toilet even though he's not tall enough for his aim to be right. With the law of probability, one time he did actually pee when he was "peeing like Max". What a mess.

Caden is courteous too. One day when he wouldn't obey Daddy, Joe asked him if he wanted a spanking. Caden answered, "Yes." Joe spanked him and then Caden said, "Thank you." We know we have a lot to teach Caden, but he's teaching us too!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to the little guy. He is so sweet!