Monday, September 12, 2011

9-12-11 A Trip to the Aquarium

I got to pet a starfish today. Wow, that was a first. The boys did it, but weren't as impressed as I thought they should be. I guess when you're two and four, you figure this is just what people do every so often. . .

There were a lot of "Wow!" moments today. The first was as we exited the Interstate and sped into the downtown traffic. I could hear the moment the boys laid eyes on the skyline. Then Max nearly busted out of his car seat when he saw three city buses together.

What I always think of as the "Dolphin Show" has been renamed renamed the "Aquatic Show". I assume this is to not disrespect the dolphins. Today's show had a significant amount of information and minimal dolphin tricks. I learned the behavior modification methods that they use with the dolphins and the Belugas. Everybody knows that the small fish and the squid are positive reinforcements. But now I know that tickling the tongues are too! I also learned that it would be smart to give Caden a sucker at the very beginning of the show and then he would sit nicely through the whole thing.

The soothing sounds of the aquarium set a relaxing atmosphere. It was interesting to watch the divers feed the fish. I wish I had a recording of Max's little voice when we got to the shark exhibit. It was high pitched excitement with a touch of fear. Caden was free from the stroller in this exhibit and was able to stand over the plexiglass while the string rays swam underfoot. I could tell it boggled his mind! It was also here that Max announced he had found Nemo. Pheww.

The boys go to hang out in a submarine replica and Conrad found more than one set of decorative rocks to climb. I was trying to predict was Conrad's favorite part of the aquarium would be. I figured it would be seeing the divers feed the fish, the submarine, or the mushroom like jellyfish. He told me that the best part was me, Grandma, and Auntie Lee. My heart inflated a little bit. When I pushed for a more aquarium-related answer, Conrad replied, "All the tanks, mom." The tone of his voice added, "duh."

The aquarium is officially added to my favorite places for an adventure.

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