Saturday, October 9, 2010

10-9-10 God Questions

Whenever an ambulance drives by we pray for the person that is hurt or sick. Sometimes Conrad prays and sometimes I do. Max always chimes in with the "Amen". Tonight, it was my turn. After the prayer, Conrad asked me to ask God who was hurt.

I wish it worked like that. That whenever we had a question for God, we could just ask it and he would send the answer right down. Write it in the clouds maybe, but a verbal answer would be nice too.

Con also asked why there are three different languages. I like to think that this question stemmed from us recently reading the Tower of Babel story in the Bible, but I think I have to give credit to Dora the Explorer. Luckily, the Tower of Babel provided the answer.

These are hard questions to answer to a three-year-old. The other day we did a little science experiment to demonstrate God, us, and sin. It's a mind bender to accurately explain sin to a preschooler.

It's MUCH different having ongoing conversations with your own child about these topics that it is to teach a preschool Sunday School class with other people's children.

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