Monday, August 9, 2010

8-9-10 Caden Eats Baby Cereal for the First Time

Oh, who needs to rent a good comedy when you can watch your almost four-month-old eating cereal for the first time and watch your seventeen-month-old try to relive the experience! Caden started waking in the night recently and I could tell he was ready to add cereal to his menu plan. So tonight was the departure from me being his only food source. Cereal entered the equation and Caden seemed very happy about it!

Caden ate a good amount of the single grain. I new these would be moments I'd want to catch on film and even debated waiting until tomorrow night to start cereal so I could charge my camera; instead, I grabbed my phone and used the camera on that. It only took a few bites for Caden to get the idea of how to eat this new food. It also started out as a rather clean experience, then I asked Max if he wanted to help me feed the baby. He was happy to assist. As we guided the spoon to Caden's mouth, I was mostly pulling it back and Max was plunging it forward. Then, Max asked for a bite. I gave him one, expecting him to be hugely disappointed. I was wrong, he liked it. It really surprised me since he could barely stand to eat the stuff when he was a baby. Max liked the cereal so much that as I was moving the spoon toward Caden, Max's mouth was following it! He made me laugh out loud with his mouth open like a baby bird and going toward a moving target. I let him have a couple of bites and then told him the rest was for Caden. Apparently, Max took that to mean that the rest that was on the spoon was for Caden because as I was holding the little bowl, Max put his face down toward it and stuck his tongue in the bowl to get more cereal. This really had me laughing. He didn't quite finish his dinner but he was going to such measures to eat something ,that seems to me, would taste like paste.
Did he really want this paste-like substance or did he just want what Caden was getting? Isn't that the model for many sibling questions??

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