Monday, August 16, 2010

8-15-10 We made it to the beach!

We took our first adventure to the beach with ALL three boys. I had been apprehensive about this, figuring the chances of it being a relaxing day were very slim. We knew going in that things could turn stressful fast -- traffic, inconsolable crying, baby too hot, toddler not liking the sand, and basically only two parents potentially being pulled three different directions. Half-way through our Sunday, against the advise of the coin, we decided to just do it. We packed up and were on our way. . .

Knowing how many things could be unpleasant about such an outing has put going to the beach very low on my list of priorities this summer. Hence, mid-August and our first trip. For all of the things that could have made the trip unpleasant, not a single one of them came to fruition. . . I didn't even mind nursing in the heat. The boys were troopers and just enjoyed the day. I think all three of them are meant to be by the beach (I know their parents are!). Caden happily hung out under the umbrella. Max played in the sand and ran toward the water to get his toes wet as the waves came in. He was giddy with joy when he was further out in the water and Joe let him lie on the boogie board. And Conrad, he's an official surfer-dude now. He was "catching waves" on his boogie board and traded in his child size board for an adult one early in the day. He also used the word "dude" quite a bit. Joe blames me for this flashback to the '80's.

I am so glad that we went. I got a little bit of sun and felt refreshed. Plus, I got to watch my husband and my boys having a great time. That fills me up.

Conrad's already asking when we can go back to the beach. Now, I'm thinking of it as no problem. We can do it again. I've learned not to try to recreate times like this because it only leads to disappointment. Instead, I'm going to remember this day and enjoy it for the memory that we made. And let future trips be their own unique experience.

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