Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3-22-14 Imperfect, But Patched

About two years ago, jeans started shredding around here like they were made of paper.  I don't think they are making denim like they used to and my crew wasn't playing like they used to.  We were moving out of the days of blowing bubbles and playing at the sand table.  The boys were riding scooters, climbing ladders, and playing contact sports that don't have a name because the contact is the sport!

When I stumbled upon iron-on patches, I went crazy with them.  I was thrilled to be able to save, literally, ten pair of jeans and not have to sew a thing.  They have allowed Conrad's jeans to make it all the way to Caden's play clothes drawer.  I have to say, they got the job done and did it quite well.  And then one day I got a blog feed in my inbox with "Monster Knee Patches".  From that moment on, I have been disappointed with the iron-on patches.  They're boring and they could be better.

I'm no ace with the sewing machine so I asked my mom for help.  Cutting the goofy monster faces and arranging them was quick and since my mom is an ace at the sewing machine; that went quickly too.  But she had to leave for home when we only had two pair of jeans completed.  That left me alone with  felt, my sewing machine, and four more pairs of hole-y jeans.  I quickly resorted to hand-sewing for obvious reasons.  The slow pace of it was relaxing, therapeutic even.  The unevenness of my stitches added to the monster's charm.  The stitching did not require a lot of thought and my mind began to wander.

Sitting in the quiet and hand-sewing monster patches, I vaguely remembered when I was impressed by and completely satisfied with iron-on patches.  This is a trivial example of how dissatisfaction creeps into other areas of my life.  It paralyzes me when I know better is out there.  Chase perfect for a while and it's only a matter of time until you stop running and it seems particularly had to start back up once you stop. . .

In reality, some things just need to be done.  Some things can have frills.  Some things can be silly and fun.  But when it needs fixed, get it fixed.  Embellish from there.  The bigger the thing is that is broken, the longer it will take to truly fix.  Sometimes you have to start with a patch.

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