Sunday, April 10, 2011

4-10-11 Get out of Jail Free

I saw a couple of pair of handcuffs at the grocery store for $1 and thought they would be fun for the boys. We couldn't get out of the store fast enough for Conrad, he couldn't wait to use this awesome find. Max, however, traded his special treat for gummy life savers at the check-out lane and has never regretted it. We hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot and Conrad's interested in jail and the police was re-ignited. The last time I left the boys with my parents, I returned home to find them with an elaborate lego system made into a prison - complete with a warden. I guess you can't expect your dad to work for corrections for 25 years and not consider this appropriate play.

The plastic handcuffs have brought some enjoyment and spurred on some already active imaginations. Worry-free play because when you pay $1 for handcuffs they come with two keys AND a little switch on the side of the cuff that releases them. But Daddy had to take it up a notch. That's right. Yesterday my husband came home with a pair of real handcuffs. Conrad loves them! He has been locking up everyone and everything. Max has to assert himself to get a turn for them. Don't worry, Max is up for the job! Luckily for Max and Caden, real handcuffs are meant to fit adults and are too big for a small child's wrist.

Conrad seems to like the key almost as much as he likes the handcuffs and Max likes anything that Conrad likes. It's hard for a mom to keep up with such a cool dad!

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