Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11-9-10 The Magic of Mothering

Even with baby #3, it still amazes me that there is something uniquely special about a mother's touch. When Caden is really upset, I can snuggle him really close to me and he relaxes. I guess there's some sort of baby magic too because when I'm tense from the day and Caden snuggles his little face near my neck, the weight of him resting on me makes me fall into a state of calm and I what to freeze-frame those moments, but it's okay that I can't because each age brings about new magical moments. At least moments that make me laugh.

We took the boys out to dinner at Wendy's the other night and Max kept saying we were going to Weinies. Come on, you have to laugh at that! I can't believe how much he's talking. It's fun to be able to communicate with him. He's got so much to say. He absolutely wants to do whatever Conrad does, including cut vegetable during dinner preparation. So far, so good with letting him use a butter spreader to do his "cutting".

Conrad came into our room at 5 o'clock this morning and called me a mean-o because I didn't stay in his bed after he fell asleep. We both got over it quickly and fell right back to sleep. I need to make a plan on how to break him of the habit of coming into our bed at night (it's usually well before 5 a.m.). So far, my only ideas on this are to take him back to his bed every time; I'm not very motivated to do this in the middle of the night. I'll have to think about it some more.

On a lighter note, Chick-fil-A finally opened a store in our area. I treated myself to one of their delicious chicken sandwiches and their specialty lemonade this week. The flavors took me back to memories of my first job in high school. No, I didn't work at Chick-Fil-A. I worked at a tiny store in the mall and Chick-Fil-A was the only place that delivered, so I ate that a lot because I pretty much always worked alone and couldn't leave the store. I can't believe I worked alone and then did the deposit by myself after the mall closed. Does not seem like a good idea. . .

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